Industrial gates

Industrial gates

Sectional doors
They set the future, save space.

Sectional doors open vertically upwards, leaving free space in front of and behind the gate. The door segments are hidden flat just below the ceiling, vertically above the opening or adjusting to the roof pitch. The series of doors 40 is a unique wide offer, including top-door gates, whose security is confirmed by a certificate. Speed sectional doors are a necessity in the case of closures for fire brigades or halls, where production processes are quickly implemented. Compact sectional doors are an ideal solution for bright halls with glass facades and glazed domes.

Rolling gates

In many cases this is just the right decision. We supply roller doors up to 11.75 m wide and up to 9 m high for large openings in halls; gates for special orders can be even higher.

Perfect for ramps: in confined spaces where car maneuvers are difficult, we recommend durable gates that will not be disturbed even by a slight collision with the vehicle. Also as an external roll-up gate: if there is not enough space, it prevents the inner fixing of the gate or the requirements of the explosion protection regulations must be met. What is usually a special solution has been a standard for us for a long time. For example: breakable side element also with door in the gate, fixed field, oblique finishing profile, side door etc ..

Roll-up gates save space Roll-up gates almost do not occupy space over the opening: they form a tight roll behind the header. Thanks to that, the valuable usable space of the hall is not wasted from the sides and under the ceiling. The overhead cranes can be used completely, and high-lift forklifts can maneuver smoothly. Also for high lifts there is no risk of collision.

Sliding gates

As gates for hangars and halls.

Sliding gates are an economical solution primarily for aircraft and industrial halls, rolling stock warehouses or large garages as well as production plants and maintenance halls.

The gates are available in one- and two-wing versions, insulated or not, with or without glazing and, if necessary, with a built-in door.

The gates offered by us have advanced technology, are very durable, resistant to impact and effectively protected against corrosion. They almost never break down, and their maintenance does not pose any problems.

High speed doors

A wide range of internal and external gates – from an inexpensive base model to safe night closures to halls

High-speed doors are characterized by high material quality and safe, long-lasting operation. These gates are used both inside and outside to optimize the flow of goods, improve the room climate and reduce energy losses.
The wide range includes horizontally or horizontally opening transparent gates with flexible curtain, rolling, sectional and folding gates as safe external closures.

As day / night closures, we offer flexible high-speed doors also in combination with rolling and sectional doors.

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