About us

About us

The KACZYŃSKI company was founded in 1990. The owner is Andrzej Kaczynski, who is the Managing Director. Our Company has a well-organized team of young people whose skills and competencies are backed by experience and extensive training.

Our Services include installation and service of the gates, bars and automatic doors. We were trained in the installation and service by the following companies: WISNIOWSKI KRISPOL, HORMANN, NOVOFERM, PROMStahl, LOADING SYSTEMS, METALPOL Furmaniak, DOMOFERM, NICE, CAME, MAKOWSKI, MARTECH, MERCOR, DHPOLAND, GU, TORMAX, RECORD, DORMA, BIG TOR, BRAMTECH, FAAC.

We are open to any technical innovations, which allow us diversify our offer. As a result, we can find the optimal solution, even in the unusual designs and concepts.

We provide customer service through a holistic approach, from the technical consultations to the delivery of goods, installation and warranty service. All servicing and advice is delivered by our experienced technical team.

We provide services for companies such as eg. Skanska SA, WIPASZ, Sharp, International Paper Kwidzyn SA, Swedwood, Philips Consumer Electronics, Visotec Socha, Vorwerk Autotec Poland, SAMINDRUK, IGLOTEX, STS, Center for Meat “SOKOŁÓW”ENERGA Power Corporation SA Nadwiślańska SA, ZUS, PLL LOTOKĘCIE (pavilion government – briefing VIP) ports, – Swinoujscie, Shell, Statoil, DEA, ConocoPhillips Poland, LG, BS, Millennium, BGZ WBK, PKO, PBK, Multibank, IKEA, ALBERT, VIKI, PIGO, LDL, HYPERNOWA, REAL: TESCO, Geant, Kaufland, Makro, BILLA, Carrefour, Champion, Ladybug, Gdansk University of Technology, UWM Olsztyn, Toruń Nicolaus Copernicus University, Institute of Mother and Child.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the products displayed on our website.